In today’s industrialized world, where technological and industrial advances have grown dramatically, industrial and economic developments are taking shape at the moment, and despite fierce competition for today’s world economy, simply producing a product and presenting it to other customers is a value. It is not considered, but what is very valuable is the production of products with high and up-to-date standards along with the provision of appropriate services, which are subject to accurate knowledge of the target markets and the progress made in the field of production.
Continuous presence in the market and creating purposeful communication with customers along with up-to-date consulting and training of personnel and creating constructive interaction between producer, supplier and end consumer are other ways of progress and effectiveness of a production complex in the production process.
Therefore, Pishtazan Production Group, with years of experience in the field of production and sale of crystal and kitchen utensils, was established in 1991 with the aim of differentiating between its products and similar products. Up-to-date and the use of standard raw materials, along with the use of experienced and experienced staff and personnel in production and sales, began to produce their products in various sectors of the industry to produce crystal and kitchen utensils.
Pishtazan Production Group is determined to continue to make the best progress in designing its products, to continue its forward movement in creating and closing an effective leading brand, and also to offer its position in this field of production by offering products at very competitive prices. To be colorful and in this way, according to the needs of the market and its sales and customer demand, focus on goods that can have a great impact on consumer satisfaction, it is hoped that with your cooperation, consumption Dear colleagues and colleagues, let’s achieve this important goal.